Thursday, 9 October 2014

Living in Niseko during September

Summer has officially ended and most of us were pretty sad. Which means we're few months closer to the official start of Niseko 2014-2015 winter. And I'm not looking forward to the craziness yet. 

My mission for this month is to not spend money until the 30th September, which is the day I'll be going to the city to collect my visa. It was so challenging to not spend money at all. And it was my first time ever not leaving my room on my off day. Usually on my off days I'll be out and about visiting my favourite restaurants. 

I had a lot of rice and spaghetti collected from previous winter. Guest will leave a bunch of stuffs after they check-out and I collected all those stuff and kept it for summer. My effort did not go to waste as I actually do have a lot of spare food!

But unfortunately I did not manage to stay until 30th of Sept in not spending money. I lasted only until 22nd of September. I had valid reasons! Because I was going through my most difficult and stressful year ever! And food is the only thing to make me feel better =)

So for the whole of September, I spent 25,000yen inclusive of one day in Sapporo. Can't believe I can spend so much when I'm in the city. All those shopping and good food really gets to me. 

Why is this weeds plant thing so beautiful? It was really calming watching them swaying when the wind blows.

The blue flowers turned purple! Oh still so pretty...

HERE's how it looks like being blue.

Melon season might be over but I was still blessed with melons by my colleague!

Also, I'm only into orange flesh melon instead of the green flesh ones as seen above.
The green ones I had actually tastes exactly the same as the orange flesh ones but I'm just spoiled like that. Colour do make a difference doesn't it?

Blessed by Mooncakes in the office!!! OMG my eyes popped out when I saw these babies. 
I kinda finished everything by myself though..... Sorry colleagues...

My first restaurant meal for the month. Deep fried breaded pork steak. It was amazing.

And I rewarded myself with my favourite dessert from my favourite dessert restaurant.
The cream fell as I walked 30 minutes back to my home. But it still tasted so good. So so good.

All time favourite meal - Soup Curry.
This is a Hokkaido specialty, please try it when you visit Hokkaido!

I bought some ribs and meat at the supermarket too. Can you guess what I cooked?







Bak Kut Teh!!!

So good So So So good.....

Wanted to cook Adobo (Filipino Dish) but the vinegar that I thought I had weren't vinegar after all, so it's just pork in soy sauce. But it's surprisingly good! Super proud of myself. I shall train harder to improve my cooking skill.

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