Thursday, 18 September 2014

Living in Niseko during August

Gotta say August was the most happening month for me.

But my level of 'happening' is just solely because I had more excess to yummy food.
And I had to go to the city to renew my visa one day so I was going all out doing research on the best restaurants in Sapporo. My research certainly did not end in vain. I had a blast in Sapporo.
Click HERE for my Sapporo getaway.

This happening month did ended me with 70,000yen lesser in my pocket. Ouch.

Anyways, shall start with the flower sighting.

August is the month of Sunflowers! How gorgeous are those sunflowers!

No idea what is this.

Fluffy poisonous looking thing? Very pretty but didn't dare to touch it.

I've never seen such flower before?? It's so unique and pretty!

Next up... Food pics time!

 Deprived of good pizzas, this was fresh out of the oven and tasted so so good.

August is the month of melon. Sweet glorious melon.

Bought the left melon while the right was gifted by my colleague. She knows I'm CRAZYYY about melons.

Bought cut-up melons too as it was half priced and it's so ripe!

Juices were overflowing! Wanted to keep half for the next day but, who am I kidding? One whole melon wasn't even enough for me!

Half priced haul! (Except the cheesecake) Was circling the food section and waiting for the store staff to smack a half price sticker on items I was eyeing. I certainly did look desperate and a little scary I suppose.

Red ladies finger???

Homecooked eggplant and some vege. It was surprisingly edible!

Meh. It's just a snake.

Except I was freaking out and exclaiming how huge is it to my colleagues. They merely responded with 'Erm, that's just a baby snake'.

Ending my monthly diary with my FAV restaurant! Korean BBQ.
And yes I ordered 2 portions of meat and I finished everything. Heaven.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Sapporo Trip (August)

I had to go Sapporo to renew my visa. I could go to Otaru to do so but I needed to feel the city life again. I need to see big tall buildings and have easy access to fast food and I need shopping!

Told you I needed fast food. As it was breakfast time and only breakfast menu available, I just settled for hash brown. I did went back the next day to grab the special avocado burger! No pics but it tasted just average..

I was actually quite pleased with my accommodation! It is Sapporo International Youth Hostel.

- Hospital style curtain to shield your bed. 4 beds per room. It was very cozy and felt like I had a room to myself.
- 2 private shower cubicle at the lobby.

- Quite far from the city center, had to take train if not I'll need to walk 40 minutes to get there from Sapporo Station.
- Quite expensive though, 3,000yen per night.
- No wifi in the room!! Only in the lobby =(

Hmm, though there's more disadvantage than advantage but if the price can be lowered and if they would kindly provide wifi in the room, I would have been extra happy.

Girafe crepe! I always go for the plain crepe with butter. Quite expensive though, 390yen.

Happiest thing that day!!! Singapore Kopitiam! Oh how I missed food back home....

I ordered the Chicken Rice, though I wanted to order the Hokkien Mee, Bak Kut Teh, Fried Rice, Porridge....

And I was really happy that the Chicken Rice tasted really authentic! Very friendly staffs too! 2 thumbs up to Kopitiam!

But I can't help to compare the price to back home's. 920yen for the Chicken Rice where I can get it at less than 200yen back home...

After Kopitiam, I went straight to Jingisukan Daruma Rokuyon.

I did my research and this place and Kopitiam are included as the must have in Sapporo. Of course I had to try it!

The queue didn't look long from outside the restaurant, but little did I know there's a long queue inside the restaurant too! Goodness... I waited a total of 90 minutes. I was the only non Japanese there and I felt really intimidated as I had no clue what to do.

Once seated, no question asked and the server placed onions on the hot plate and served the lamb and sauce. Then I just started grilling the lamb.

Gotta say the lamb were really fresh, there really weren't any 'smelly' lamb smell at all.
Didn't felt like I was eating lamb too, it was like eating tasteless beef?
I actually like the 'smelly' lamb smell, that's what makes it special, no?

I did had a hard time finishing the onions though, it was way too much for 1 person to finish!
I would have left all onions untouched but I didn't wanna waste so I ate everything.
Though the onions were sweet and not too hard to eat. I would have preferred beansprouts.

Total was 793yen for 1 portion without rice. One experience is enough, I'm glad I've tried it!

My next day's lunch. It was super bloody DELICIOUS!

I love how tender were the pork steak and how well the sauce complements the steak and how can you not love the crispy fried garlic! It was really really delicious and I would rate it 10 out of 10.

I raved about this to my colleague and he tried it when he came to Sapporo, he loved it too!

Tokyo Tonteki

2 bowls of rice and I was super satisfied! I polished everything! Only 1,000yen! (Not including the extra bowl of rice)

My fav thing to do next would be to sip expensive drink and read my kindle. 

I really love the Starbucks Chocolate Brownie Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino! 
I hope it's still available when I return to Sapporo again end of September. 

I was desperately hunting for this Cheesecake as when I tried it for the first time in Taiwan, me and my mum FELL IN LOVE with it. I bought 2 of these (whole cake) back to Niseko with me. Yes, I'm mad. 

My baby. 

Look at this awesome invention! I was so fascinated that I took a video. Also check out the Samurice at the top right! How cool is it? Freeze your desired popsicle flavour and eat it as a shape of a Samurai sword. Would have bought both the container and the Samurice if it was cheaper...

Ending my Sapporo post with a non-relevant cute pineapple.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Living in Niseko during July

Yay to July as it's my birthday month!

July is when things get more exciting in Niseko, more people walking on the road, more restaurants start opening. And free night bus to Kutchan starts running mid of July, the temptation to spend money is so strong!

And indeed, my expenses were doubled this month to 60,000yen. I certainly saw that coming.

How cute are these flowers! Bright blue and oh so fluffy!

First 2 pictures were taken early July while 2 pictures above were taken late July.
Looks like it shrank a little bit but still bright blue!

No idea what this is but looks like fireworks! Too pretty.

Was doing my daily evening walk and so many crow were there flying about. Scary experience.

My self awarded birthday dinner at one of my favourite restaurant which consists of fried rice, pan fried beef steak, and ever awesome chicken skin.

One night I didn't feel too well and was craving for comfort food, and cooked up this simple Baked Beans with Eggs. It was my one and only can of Baked Beans and I was savoring it for the right moment. It was perfect. I miss it. 

Cherries everywhere and I had to grab one! Absolutely sweet and ripe! That costed me 300yen.

Had a cup of kahlua milk (Fav alcoholic drink!) almost every night before bed. I'm turning so fancy out of a sudden. Big thank you to my colleague for this birthday gift!

Second hike of my life! This time I reached the peak because I took a shorter and easier course up. Previously I managed to hike only halfway at a different course.

Ending my monthly diary with this awesome rare sunset.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Living in Niseko during June

I'm so excited to spend my summer here in Niseko!

Cool air during summer is like a dream come true for me, I totally love it when it's cold, even sub zero temperature. Which is probably pretty unusual seeing I'm born and bred in Malaysia?

Early June was quite cold here, had to wear a jacket when I'm out especially during morning or nighttime.
I turned on the heater in the room about twice in June and I felt a bit loser-ish as it's summer OMG I turned on the heater?? But yeah, I was about to freeze to death. Other less freezing time I was telling myself 'You can do it! You don't need to turn on the heater!' Then again, who am I trying to impress? Just myself I guess.

During June, you won't see many people around too. The free night bus is not running as well so I survived by getting my food from the nearby convenience store. Managed do a few runs to the big grocery store by lending the company's car. But all's good, my total expenses for June was about 25,000yen. Which is like a miracle. If I splurge myself for meals outside, my expenses would easily doubled.

While going home after work, I love looking around the surroundings and sometimes there are some flower that catches my eye.

Purple lollipops!

Endless field of dandelion, best playground ever!

Haven't seen such flower before, excitedly plucked one of the purple one and left it in my room, few hours later it turned all soft and limp. Sigh. 

Below are some interesting find in the store! There were some raspberry craze going on I guess.

Gotta say the Raspberry Kit Kat were really really delicious. Sour and sweet and chocolaty. Raspberry M&M's were just okay.

Always smile when I pass by this building in Kutchan.

Isn't this cute? Customized road floor tiles thing outside a house.

Managed to buy the cheapest lettuce ever! 100yen?? I ate it daily for 1 or 2 meals per day and still managed to last me for more than a week!
I cooked it chopped up in miso soup, or dressed in sesame dressing, or like the above, stir fry beef covered with raw egg and lettuce wraps!
Went back to look for more of this lettuce but haven't seen one since.

Ending my post with my first hike ever in my life! Magnificent view of Mt.Yotei at 5am.