Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sapporo Trip (October)

Previous trip to Sapporo I went because I had to renew my visa. Now I went back again to collect it.
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I was so excited to go Sapporo that I almost forgot to include collecting visa in my itinerary. Glad I remembered if not I would have to go back to Sapporo again (Would be a good excuse though but all the money I'll be spending....)

As usual, my first meal would be fast food! I'm always fast food deprived as I'm living in a non-fast food existent place - Niseko.

Tried their Clam Chowder. Well, not too bad.

Had Tantanmen for dinner at 175 Deno.

北海道札幌市中央区南1条西6-20 KYビル 1F

And can I just describe what a bad experience it was?

It was my first time eating tantanmen and all I was expecting was noodle in spicy broth but I was so wrong. Tantanmen gives a numbing effect to the tongue and mouth so once I had my first bite, I was very shocked on why is my whole mouth numb? What could they have possibly placed inside this?

It wasn't spicy at all, and my whole mouth was numb. I could taste a whole lot of pepper. (Which I'm not a fan of) I took a bite, then drank a lot of water and kept going but I wasn't enjoying at all. So all in all, I gave up.

I looked around me and everyone was slurping their tantanmen joyously while I was really really suffering.
I doubt I'll be trying any kinds of tantanmen any soon.

Then I moved on to my next restaurant - Horumon Shokudou.
They have many branches so do visit their website for more info.

Most people would go for the Tabehodai - All you can eat. It is indeed very very affordable! Only 2,380yen for everything shown above. I didn't go for that as I know I'll over-stuff myself... Next time I'll definitely go for that with an empty stomach.

The must order - Horumon. Which is intestines. In the white bowl were thickly sliced horumon while in the black bowl were thinly sliced horumon.

I'm a HUGE fan of the thickly sliced horumon as it was just more juicy.

Order the beef short ribs too (Beef Kalbi)

After the barbeque, I just sat and chill in Starbucks.
Was pretty bummed when my favourite Matcha Brownie Frappuccino weren't available anymore...

Next day's brunch! My all time favourite Tokyo Tonteki, only 1,000yen =)

札幌市中央区南1条西5-17-2 プレジデント松井ビル100 1F

Then I had dinner in JS Pancake House in Stellar Place.

北海道札幌市中央区北5条西2-5 札幌ステラプレイス イースト3F

I know this placed is usually packed and raved about, I just had to try!
I ordered their autumn special - Chestnut & Nuts Mont blanc Pancake 1,100yen

It was very good, now I know what this place is popular.

Had Tokyo Tonteki again the next morning! Heaven on a plate.....

Went to Otaru as a stopover and did a little sight-seeing.
The above is almost a replica of Malaysia's Kaya Ball!

I miss Kaya Ball so much after seeing that so I ordered one.
I know it won't taste anything like Kaya Ball but.... I had to try it anyways.

It was pretty good though.

Had my final meal of fast food before I head home. 

What makes it memorable was the squid ink burger!! 
It is indeed very Halloween themed and it tastes way better than expected. 

Even the cheese is Black! How can I get this in Malaysia??

It was really really good! Made fresh and it was still smoking hot, surely burgers are best enjoyed fresh and hot.

Kopiko candies!!! This was my childhood favourite and of course I had to buy it home!

Giant sized potato chips! Inside it are 5 or so small sized potato chips.

This would be a great gift for friends but it's too huge to bring home...

I HAD to try this cute little balloon pudding. How smart are they to come up with this idea?

Poke the balloon with a pointy object and out come the perfect round pudding!

It was very nice and milky, I hoped they had given more sauce though..
* The caramel sauce was in sachets. You can see it in one of the picture above.

Ending the post with a creepy face mask. Oh the typical things you find in Don Quijote.

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