Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Diet Recipe #2 - Stir Fry Cabbage and Egg

Cabbage is one of my favourite vegetable. It goes well in soup, stir fry, raw or many more!
Cabbage soup diet is a popular recipe too but I can't commit to it due to work hours so I just did a stir fry cabbage during lunch break and it's quick, simple, and delicious!

1 egg
Soy sauce


1. Shred about 3 cabbage leafs 

2. Pour a little oil and start to cook the cabbage

3. After 2 minutes, push the cabbage to the side and crack an egg on the empty corner.

4. Mix the egg around once it's half cooked and pour some soy sauce in.

Stir it and you're done!

It's so delicious I promise, give it a try!

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