Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Diet Recipe #1 - Storing Porridge

Refer to my previous post on Diet Recipe - Porridge, this is a continuation on how to store your porridge.

After cooking, I would leave my porridge to cool for about 30 minutes, but even so, the porridge can still be very warm but I didn't wanna leave it to cool completely as the top layer could turn dry.

Items you will need:
Cling film
Tissue (You will see why as you read on)

1. Line the bottom of the container with cling film, leave extra cling film so you can wrap up your porridge.

2. Fill up half of the container.

3. Wrap it up nicely and fold up the edges.

4. Place a layer of tissue paper on top so the next cling film won't stick on the bottom cling film.

5. Line the container with cling film again.

6. Fill the remaining porridge into the container. (If you have extra left in the pot, lucky you!)

7. Cover it tightly and you're set!

8. This is how it looks after it's frozen and removed from the container.

My microwaved porridge with a lot of soy sauce during lunch.
* Feel free to add water if you like your porridge less thick.

Enjoy! =)

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