Friday, 10 October 2014

Lake Shakotan Trip (September)

Before going to Sapporo, I joined a tour to explore Shakotan!

I figured it would be a good time to visit during the beginning of autumn and I definitely should visit before winter comes. But probably the best time to visit Shakotan should be on summer, as there's more sunshine and it's less cold. The time I went it was raining a little bit, and it was freezing. Oh well.

Entrance to the Shimamui Coast.

Beautiful view awaits you after the tunnel.

The wind was super strong and the weather was really cold. (Didn't wear enough layers) Only a few people walked down to the shore. I stopped half-way and couldn't take the cold anymore so I went back to the bus instead.

The end of the tunnel at the Shimamui Coast's side. Apparently that day that I went was the last day visitors are allowed as the tunnel will be under construction.

Lunch set ready upon arrival to the restaurant. It was a delicious crab stew in that pot. I really enjoyed lunch that day.

After lunch, we proceeded to Cape Kamui. Which is the highlight of the tour!

Really breathtaking view! Pity that the weather was cloudy that day, most of my pictures were quite dark.

But still, awesome view.

Ended the tour with a visit to Yoichi Nikka Whisky Distillery.

Sipped the (Complimentary) Nikka Whisky and I had a lot of the (Complimentary) Apple Juice too.

Here's a video taken that day:

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