Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Living in Niseko during March

March was exceptionally busy for Niseko! We didn't expect this rush of guests, we were wondering why so many people decide to come during March? 

Snow condition during March aren't as powdery as December to February, it even rained heavily one day. But to our surprise, after the heavy rain, the next day we had heaps of powder and it was actually the best powder day for this whole season! I went skiing and actually enjoyed myself despite falling down and had my ski buried under the powder and I spent quite some time to dig it out. Fun times!

March has been quite a sweet surprise to us! We're glad! 

Organised farewell party for one of our colleague. Happy to see plenty of food on the table!

Wedges cooking station

Also organised end of season's staff party! 

It was super fun to plan the party, go shopping, and prepping for the food. Great bonding time between the girls as well :) Overall, spent about 20,000yen for everything! 

Also baked brownies but failed miserably! But so happy that some of my colleagues mentioned it tastes good that it's so chewy! :')

Brought Yee Sang from Malaysia for my friends who missed CNY. Great bonding session among us, also to invite other foreigners to try this out, I would say all of them were pleasantly surprised that it's delicious!

Colourful mess

Tried out cooking Korean food! Chicken and toppoki in spicy sauce. Success!!

 Baked brownies together with friend and it was superb!

Perfect with a scoop of ice cream!

Was adventurous one day at lunch where I made kimchi pancakes! It didn't taste good though...

 Roommates gathering again, korean style soup!

 Spent my last night in Niseko at a sushi party!

Made mini pancake for colleagues and I. 
I really enjoy cooking breakfast, breakfast in bed is like the best thing to wake up to.

Continuing on my journey in healthy eating. 
(Leftover strawberries by guest, and left over milk by guest, mix em up for a meal!)

Found hairy crab in the guest room!

Hairy and yummy. 

Not a single cent spent on any of the above shown pictures. Super blessed!

Dessert buffet at my favourite restaurant! 2 savoury food were served as well - Curry rice and hamburgers. 

Started off with desserts!

Had chicken curry rice + pickled cabbage in between dessertts

Ended with desserts again.

Massive udon!

The day has come!!! Finally it's White Day!!
Can safely say I didn't expect to reap such reward! Definitely made my day to be showered with sweets!

The above is self-rewarded though :) Can't get enough of cakes!

Also self rewarded! My fav lemon tarts!

Towards the end of March where the snow was pretty icy and it was so foggy!
Took a long time for me to descend the mountain.

I miss Niseko terribly and miss my workplace, my colleagues, my roommates, and the unforgettable 3 years in Niseko. Those 3 years has no doubt been the best time of my life.