Monday, 3 November 2014

Living in Niseko during October

Days are getting colder and colder in October. Restaurants start closing in preparation for winter. Probably the most exciting thing happened during October would be the first snowfall in Hirafu!!

October 28th marks as a historical day in Hirafu now. Everyone is talking about it the day before and on the day of snowing and after it snowed. I'm just so glad to have a chance to experience the first snowfall in Hirafu!! 

Second most exciting thing happened for me would be my hike at Mt.Yotei! By far the most extreme thing my body has ever endured. The non athletic me is so proud now. I wonder what I can take on next...

During October, sadly I didn't spot any pretty flowers, nor had any exceptionally good food. Though I did visited my all time favourite restaurant and satisfied my cravings for pork steak!

There was a dessert buffet going on but I came all the way for the pork steak, I couldn't leave without having it. After I ordered, I found out that it's the last day of buffet for that particular day! Super regretted not having the buffet....

Anyways, I managed to find some interesting vegetables! 

Carrots being all autumn... Too pretty.

Mutant inception pyramid broccoli!
First time seeing such broccoli and I was fascinated by it for a loooooong time, just staring at it and going, WOW. It's amazing how each pyramid has a miniature pyramid that has a miniature pyramid. True inception indeed.

Bought it for my colleague as it's her favourite. I'll get one for myself next time, don't know how it tastes yet.

How awesome is this purple broccoli?? And why am I so fascinated with broccolis?

So I blanched this broccoli and had a shock of my life when the water turned purple and the broccoli came out green. I felt so cheated. Googled about it and it's a normal thing for purple broccolis though.

Continuing the streak of disappointments, I bought this chili beans in hopes of recreating my favourite baked beans with egg. But I was so wrong, chili beans and baked beans are two entirely different things.

But fret not, I found the right Baked Beans!! 
Thank you Seicomart for stocking these, I don't care how ridiculously expensive it is but this is home to me. 

And it gets better, I found home!!! This is THE Baked Beans that I grew up with!!!

Needless to say, I've devoured it.

And here's my version of fried rice with egg and korean seaweed! It was surprisingly enjoyably edible.

Perfect fluffy pancake! I miss mornings where I can cook pancakes and enjoy it while watching Friends.
(I've finished my pancake mix & finished all 10 seasons of Friends)

Cooked another round of Bak Kut Teh!!
First time cooking it with fresh shiitake mushrooms and it's so delicious!

Persimmons haul! So sweet and juicy, I love how crunchy the skins are and how soft the fillings are.

Final autumn scenery to sum up my October diary, can't wait for end of November, time for a short getaway!

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