Friday, 7 November 2014

My love for Milk Kobo

Regarding food, ever since I was young, I was a huge fan of dairy. And after coming to Japan, my dairy addiction elevated as Hokkaido is by far the best place to enjoy anything dairy related. Fresh milk, cheese, butter, cream, custard, yoghurt, pudding, gelato, ice cream, am I missing anything? Well, you can get the best of it all in Hokkaido. 

To be more specific, a must visit in Niseko would certainly be Milk Kobo. Milk Kobo is the heaven of dairy. They serve ice cream, gelato. cream puffs, pudding, yoghurt, baumkuchen, cream roll, cookies, cheese cake, sponge cake and their newest addition, cheese tart. I've tried everything and I was absolutely addicted to the cheese cake few years back, and then I was addicted to their cream puffs and I'm currently addicted to their cheese tart. My addiction is so severe that I finished 12 cheese tart in 2 days. I could eat more, but I've ran out of cheese tart. 


Left - Cheese cake, Right - Sponge cake

From whole baumkuchen to half baumkuchen to dried baumkuchen

Yoghurt drink

Takeaway milk ice cream

Matcha Ice Blended
It's super rich and creamy, and red bean topping is a must!

My tea time - Matcha ice blended and 4 cheese tarts

6 pieces takeaway cheese tart

12 pieces takeaway cheese tarts
(Random bun and butter that I couldn't finish in Prativo - Refer below)

Glorious cheese tart, crunchy skin and dense filling
To date, I've consumed 64 cheese tarts for the past 5 months. Each tart is 190yen. Oh gosh. 

At my accommodation, the upper floor has a small Milk Kobo cafe, but they serve really limited items so I had to travel all the way to the main Milk Kobo on my off day to satisfy my cravings (15 minutes bus ride away). Nothing can stop me from having good food!!

Beside Milk Kobo is a restaurant called Prativo. They serve vegetable buffet and 1 main dish with a choice of meat, fish or pasta. Most of the food served are super milky. Creamy potato gratin, cheese cabbage salad, free-flow yoghurt, pudding, sponge cake, rice cake in milk, etc. Delicious but I'll be more excited if they include meat dishes and not just a vegetable buffet.

Deep fried pumpkin - So good when it's freshly fried, it's tastes very "powdery"

Cheese potato gratin

Rice cake in milk
I thought this was a little odd for my liking

Creme caramel

Sponge cake

Tea & Coffee available too

Fresh juices

Free flow yoghurt!

I've been to Prativo for a total of 3 times now. Each time I tried a different main dish. 

First Visit: 

There's nothing special about this dish though...

Bread and butter 
(This is the bread and butter in the box of cheese tarts, I had no space to stomach this so I took it home)

First round
(Clock-wise) Half boiled egg with cream, potato bean salad, cabbage cheese salad (My fav!), deep fried pumpkin,  honey mustard brinjal, potato gratin, creme caramel, sponge cake.

Second round

Third round

And I like my tea overloaded with milk

Second Visit: 
Fish dish
Nothing spectacular about it. Finished in 2 bites. 

First round - A lot of my favourite cheese cabbage again

Second round

Third round

Third Visit: 

2 choices of pasta dish: 
Tomato mozzarella or something else with pepper (Not a fan of pepper)

First round 

Second round

Third round

The vegetable buffet is actually very affordable, only 1,550yen inclusive of tax. 
And it's so healthy so I kind of consoled myself that it's okay to eat more....

Ending the post with a stunning view from when I sat at Prativo. 


  1. Hi may I know how to get to Milk Kobo from Niseko station? Is there a shuttle bus? Thanks.

    1. Hi! Yes you can hop on to the Hilton free shuttle bus, please refer to here: