Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Viewing Lavender in Furano, Japan.

Welcome guys to my blog and here's my first blog post!

I visited the super famous lavender field in Furano!

The most common question when you are planning a visit to Furano, I'm sure it's, when's the best time to visit Furano? 

Well, to be safe, best time to visit would be mid July.
I went on the 19th of July and certain field looks half-bloomed or half-dead while one of the field was fully bloomed and it was perfect.

If I could choose a day to go I would go between Monday to Thursday, but I could get an off day only on that Saturday so, I went anyways, expecting a huge crowd to be there. Well, huge crowd indeed.

What I did was, I followed a tour group. I could take the train there but after calculating the expenses, a tour group was a wiser choice. It costs only 7,000yen. (Transport & Buffet lunch) So guys, do your research and see which plan is better for you, if you don't like following tour, maybe you can rent a car and drive there. If not, go for train!

Firstly, I made my way to Sapporo in the morning, went to the tour office and made my payment. I particularly liked that I have to make the payment during the day of the tour instead of advanced payment by credit card.

The journey to Furano took 2 and a half hours, and one toilet break in between. We did not immediately stop at the lavender field first though, we had lunch at the New Furano Prince Hotel. And the buffet was AMAZING.

My favourite melon! And the great part is it's so sweet and so juicy and unlimited!

I seriously didn't wanna leave the buffet and I'm quite amazed that nobody seems to be going crazy over the melon like me.

Moving on, after hanging around the hotel for a while and it's finally the time to go to the lavender field!

We got one of this Lavender guide and it shows in detail of the types of lavender field, the map of the place, and some history of it. A definite useful guide so be sure to grab it if you see it.

The journey from the hotel to the lavender field took about 1 and a half hour and 1 hour was spent in the jam. Everyone was getting impatient. So another reminder, don't go on a weekend!

After we've finally gotten a parking at 3pm, we get 75 minutes to explore the area. I was so excited!

I'm not much of a flower enthusiast but that experience really took my breath away.

Look at the amount of people! 

Cute scooter!

Other types of flowers available for viewing as well.

Next stop, we had 45 minutes to view the Shikisaino-Oka Farm.

The flowers were magnificent, can't help gasping from time to time and just feeling super super happy inside.

I wish my grandma, mom and sis were there too as I know they will definitely definitely love it.

I'm also amazed that there's no admission fee charged for both farms. I wonder do they fence up the farm at night? Will there be people stealing the lavender or vandalizing the place if they don't? Certain field are just located beside the road as seen in the picture above. I guess Japanese people are civilized enough to not do such thing.

So, besides enjoying the view, be sure to enjoy the food too!

Though I gotta say the Lavender ice cream is a little odd for me, it's like eating a perfumed ice cream.

And melon ice cream were the 2nd popular choice. Be sure to go for that too as it's melon season that time. Or you could order the mixed flavour of lavender and melon if you're adventurous like that!

The tour ended around 8pm and boy was it a long day, totally loved it and hope I could visit again with my loved ones.

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