Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Viewing Pink Moss in Kutchan, Japan

When I heard about the Moss Phlox / Pink Moss / Shibazakura growing right when I live, I had to check it out!

And the best time to view Pink Moss would be mid of June. I took the bus over to Kutchan Station, and from Kutchan, I suddenly realised I forgot to draw a map to the Pink Moss garden.

I couldn't believe myself! I'm not usually this unprepared so I was pretty upset with myself. I remembered reading that it's behind the station so I just walk around and still couldn't figure out where. I then went to another side of the station and started scanning the mountain area and I saw something pink. YES!

Walked towards there and the journey took just 15 minutes.

Once again, am amazed that the owner do not charge entrance fee or anything like that, truly respect people who sincerely just want others to enjoy this beautiful Pink Moss and expect nothing in return.

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