Friday, 3 June 2016

Nagoya in Spring 2016

I could take some time off work to travel and after doing some research online, Nagoya is a foodie heaven!

Here's a documentation of what I ate and I was sure to try most or all of the famous Nagoya delicacies.

First Day

Hitsumabushi - Essentially grilled eel eaten 4 ways. 

Restaurant: Atsuta Horaiken
Price: 3,600yen

Unfortunately I did not enjoy it as the grilled eel has more of a burnt aftertaste.
I would much rather prefer the usual affordable Unagi don available anywhere.

Second Day

Local breakfast

Restaurant: Komeda Cafe
Price: 800yen (Coffee 400yen + Free Toast, 400yen Shiro Noir)

Shiro Noir is a warm danish pastry topped with ice cream and to be drizzled with maple syrup.
I enjoyed this very much as the ice cream complemented the pastry very well.

However, I don't feel anything special about the toast. Same goes to the coffee. 

Misokatsu - Deep fried breaded pork topped with miso sauce

Restaurant: Yabaton - The popular chain restaurant
Price: 1,188yen

This was a decent dish, I was glad that the sauce weren't too salty.


This is the softest thing ever! Melt in your mouth goodness and it's not too sweet!

Shop: Kawaguchiya
Price: 310yen

Tenmusu - Prawn tempura in the rice ball

I enjoyed this more than I expected as it's simple and delicious, none of that fancy stuff.
The pickles at the side (Kyarabuki) was just too little, I needed way more of that delicious pickles.

Restaurant: Tenmusu Senju
Price: 720yen

Third Day

Prawn Sandwich

Restaurant: Konparu
Price: 930yen

Much pricier than expected, however it was really really good eaten immediately!
The prawn were really juicy! Though it was messy but it's worth the mess.

Sugakiya ramen

Restaurant: Sugakiya
Price: 320yen

It is indeed a comfort food. Was interesting eating it using their special spork.
I would eat this again and again!

Forth Day

Ankake Spaghetti

Restaurant: So-le
Price: 650yen

It was an awful experience for me, firstly hating the sauce did not help as I didn't like the gooeyness and taste of it. I felt bad to leave the restaurant with a plate full of spaghetti.

Oyakodon - Chicken and egg with rice

Restaurant: Torisanwa
Price: 1,167yen

Hands down the best meal I had in Nagoya. The egg was soft and apparently the chicken is of the Cochin poultry, which is a top quality breed from Nagoya. It was indeed very very delicious.


Crispy caramalized sweet potato strips 

Shop: Imokaren
Price: 594yen

Took 1 from the tester and I was hooked. I bought 2 packets of those home.

Red bean pocky - Super delicious!

6 pieces of chicken wing (990yen)

2 sets of this. 

Just had to microwave it for a little bit, it's soft but not too salty, perfect with rice!

Chicken wings flavoured Jagabee! However it's too peppery for my liking. 

I didn't manage to try the Miso Nikomi Udon and Kishimen. Hope there'll be a next time. 

That's all for my Nagoya trip, I can't wait to plan another gourmet trip to another part of Japan!