Saturday, 4 October 2014

Diet Recipe #1 - Porridge

I had a lot of rice leftover from the winter guests. I think I had like 3 bags of 2kgs each.
Then I thought to myself like, how can I be on a diet with rice?
Rice is like the first thing I should cut out if I'm on a diet.

Then I did some research online and just concluded porridge should be the healthiest I can go with rice. (Provided you put in healthy ingredients)

1 Cup of cooked rice
Chicken breast
1 Egg
Sesame Oil

* Cooking porridge with cooked rice lessens the cooking time so I usually cook a batch of rice, portion it out, and freeze it. When I wanna cook the porridge, I'll just take 1 portion of the rice to cook the porridge.
* The carrots I used were blanched and then freezed. This is because I bought a batch of carrots and since they can't be kept for long, best way would be to blanch them and freeze them. By blanching them would keep them fresher than freezing them raw and also lessen the cooking time when you are using them in a dish as well.


1. Prepare a pot and place 1 Cup of (frozen) cooked rice and around 2 cups of water and start boiling it under medium heat.

2. Chop up the chicken breast and carrots into cube size. The portion of both ingredients is based on your preference. Place it into the pot.

3. Cook until the porridge thickens and chicken breast is cooked, then crack an egg into the porridge. Crack the yolk then scoop some porridge and cover the egg. Don't stir it first.

4. After like 10 seconds, lightly swirl the egg around and don't stir it for 20 seconds. This is to let the egg have some texture.

5. Once egg is cooked then add some sesame oil and salt, stir it around and it's done!

I'll leave the porridge to cool for about 30 minutes then I'll start to pack it into the container to freeze it.

The size of my pot is the exact size of my container so that makes it really convenient.

Click HERE to view on how to freeze your porridge.

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