Thursday, 18 September 2014

Living in Niseko during August

Gotta say August was the most happening month for me.

But my level of 'happening' is just solely because I had more excess to yummy food.
And I had to go to the city to renew my visa one day so I was going all out doing research on the best restaurants in Sapporo. My research certainly did not end in vain. I had a blast in Sapporo.
Click HERE for my Sapporo getaway.

This happening month did ended me with 70,000yen lesser in my pocket. Ouch.

Anyways, shall start with the flower sighting.

August is the month of Sunflowers! How gorgeous are those sunflowers!

No idea what is this.

Fluffy poisonous looking thing? Very pretty but didn't dare to touch it.

I've never seen such flower before?? It's so unique and pretty!

Next up... Food pics time!

 Deprived of good pizzas, this was fresh out of the oven and tasted so so good.

August is the month of melon. Sweet glorious melon.

Bought the left melon while the right was gifted by my colleague. She knows I'm CRAZYYY about melons.

Bought cut-up melons too as it was half priced and it's so ripe!

Juices were overflowing! Wanted to keep half for the next day but, who am I kidding? One whole melon wasn't even enough for me!

Half priced haul! (Except the cheesecake) Was circling the food section and waiting for the store staff to smack a half price sticker on items I was eyeing. I certainly did look desperate and a little scary I suppose.

Red ladies finger???

Homecooked eggplant and some vege. It was surprisingly edible!

Meh. It's just a snake.

Except I was freaking out and exclaiming how huge is it to my colleagues. They merely responded with 'Erm, that's just a baby snake'.

Ending my monthly diary with my FAV restaurant! Korean BBQ.
And yes I ordered 2 portions of meat and I finished everything. Heaven.

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