Monday, 15 September 2014

Living in Niseko during July

Yay to July as it's my birthday month!

July is when things get more exciting in Niseko, more people walking on the road, more restaurants start opening. And free night bus to Kutchan starts running mid of July, the temptation to spend money is so strong!

And indeed, my expenses were doubled this month to 60,000yen. I certainly saw that coming.

How cute are these flowers! Bright blue and oh so fluffy!

First 2 pictures were taken early July while 2 pictures above were taken late July.
Looks like it shrank a little bit but still bright blue!

No idea what this is but looks like fireworks! Too pretty.

Was doing my daily evening walk and so many crow were there flying about. Scary experience.

My self awarded birthday dinner at one of my favourite restaurant which consists of fried rice, pan fried beef steak, and ever awesome chicken skin.

One night I didn't feel too well and was craving for comfort food, and cooked up this simple Baked Beans with Eggs. It was my one and only can of Baked Beans and I was savoring it for the right moment. It was perfect. I miss it. 

Cherries everywhere and I had to grab one! Absolutely sweet and ripe! That costed me 300yen.

Had a cup of kahlua milk (Fav alcoholic drink!) almost every night before bed. I'm turning so fancy out of a sudden. Big thank you to my colleague for this birthday gift!

Second hike of my life! This time I reached the peak because I took a shorter and easier course up. Previously I managed to hike only halfway at a different course.

Ending my monthly diary with this awesome rare sunset.

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