Thursday, 11 September 2014

Living in Niseko during June

I'm so excited to spend my summer here in Niseko!

Cool air during summer is like a dream come true for me, I totally love it when it's cold, even sub zero temperature. Which is probably pretty unusual seeing I'm born and bred in Malaysia?

Early June was quite cold here, had to wear a jacket when I'm out especially during morning or nighttime.
I turned on the heater in the room about twice in June and I felt a bit loser-ish as it's summer OMG I turned on the heater?? But yeah, I was about to freeze to death. Other less freezing time I was telling myself 'You can do it! You don't need to turn on the heater!' Then again, who am I trying to impress? Just myself I guess.

During June, you won't see many people around too. The free night bus is not running as well so I survived by getting my food from the nearby convenience store. Managed do a few runs to the big grocery store by lending the company's car. But all's good, my total expenses for June was about 25,000yen. Which is like a miracle. If I splurge myself for meals outside, my expenses would easily doubled.

While going home after work, I love looking around the surroundings and sometimes there are some flower that catches my eye.

Purple lollipops!

Endless field of dandelion, best playground ever!

Haven't seen such flower before, excitedly plucked one of the purple one and left it in my room, few hours later it turned all soft and limp. Sigh. 

Below are some interesting find in the store! There were some raspberry craze going on I guess.

Gotta say the Raspberry Kit Kat were really really delicious. Sour and sweet and chocolaty. Raspberry M&M's were just okay.

Always smile when I pass by this building in Kutchan.

Isn't this cute? Customized road floor tiles thing outside a house.

Managed to buy the cheapest lettuce ever! 100yen?? I ate it daily for 1 or 2 meals per day and still managed to last me for more than a week!
I cooked it chopped up in miso soup, or dressed in sesame dressing, or like the above, stir fry beef covered with raw egg and lettuce wraps!
Went back to look for more of this lettuce but haven't seen one since.

Ending my post with my first hike ever in my life! Magnificent view of Mt.Yotei at 5am.

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