Friday, 20 March 2015

Chinese New Year in Malaysia!

After having not spend Chinese New Year for 2 years in a row, I told my boss I really must go home for Chinese New Year this time as I have already missed it twice and I can't bear to miss it again! 

Thankfully bosses approved of me to take leave during the busiest time of the season. I felt really bad to my colleagues of course but if I don't get to go home, I would have quit work anyways so there's no difference to that. 

Prior to going home, work started to get so busy that I didn't have time to fully absorb the fact that I'm going home. And it's a long journey home as well, having to transfer at Osaka and then wait for flight back home, I was exhausted when I arrived. But first thing to do upon arrival is of course to head for food! 

After unpacking my stuff at home, next thing was straightaway head to hometown. Food galore ahead!

Giant curry bun

Sea cucumber and chicken stew

Fish head curry

Best of both! 

Coconut shake / ice blended

It's ironic that the weather was so hot yet the tissue box's picture is of winter snow.
Was craving for Niseko's weather right then!

So so good! Prawn sambal and porridge

Luggage back to Niseko was just full of food

Last meal before my flight, my favourite Pan Mee!

Mum's homemade Pineapple tarts! Unwillingly shared a few with roommates and promptly devoured the rest. 

Overall, CNY was slow and relaxing for me. Mainly I did nothing except eating and just hanging around with family. I missed this even though there's really nothing exceptionally special that all of us did together. Being together is good enough for me.

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