Wednesday, 18 March 2015

66th Sapporo Snow Festival

The annual Sapporo Snow Festival is a big event and millions flock over to Sapporo over the course of 1 week just to see the amazing snow sculpture. There's this long stretch of garden in the middle of the city and that's where all these snow sculptures were, and also stalls after stalls of delicious food sold! 

For guests that are staying in Niseko during this period of time, we always recommend guest to head over to Sapporo for a day trip just to witness these snow sculptures. And it's so easy to get to Sapporo from Niseko, you can take a public bus or hop on the train and takes you straight to the city.

Since it's such a huge event, I visited it every year and it's been 3 times now. Frankly I wasn't interested in the snow sculptures anymore, I firstly hunt for food when I arrived!

The most talked about snow sculpture this year has got to be this Star Wars one!

Giant beer mug with the Sapporo TV Tower behind.

Reminded me of my mum and grandma's addiction to Candy crush!

Here comes the food stalls!

Can't miss my favourite Tokyo Tonteki. 
Thank to my friends for willingly being dragged by me to dine here~

Alongside with the Sapporo Snow Festival, Otaru also has a light festival which there will be multiple candles along the canal, it looked really romantic in the evening! 

But it was really too cold for us and we stayed for just a bit before catching the next train back. 
Make sure to wear super warm clothes if you are planning to hang around longer. 

Cheers to the 66th snow festival! 

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