Wednesday, 28 January 2015

New Year's Resolution

New Year's Eve Sake Barrel Breaking Ceremony

January was such a busy start of the year that I didn't even have time to fully absorb the fact that it is already 2015! 

The only new year's resolution I have is to go out more. Kinda odd resolution but I have a severe case of cocooning myself in the room and sticking to the laptop all the time. Truthfully I always look forward to go home to my laptop after work because I love watching dramas. English dramas especially. But I've spent the last 6 months (June-November) doing just that, so from December onward, seeing there's more people in Niseko now, I've no excuse not to hang out more often.

December I spent most of my time working, after my day job, I worked at the restaurant at night time (Post about this coming up next) and then during certain days, I babysit. Sometimes when colleagues plan for a staff outing, then I'll make sure I've nothing scheduled for that night to spend time with my colleagues. 

December passed like a flash and January was slightly calmer. I've taken the initiative to invite people out to hang out at night since I've more free time during January after putting on pause for my restaurant job. 

Some nights were great especially if there's more native English speakers to hang out with. Certain nights I was the only non-Japanese speaker among all and I did felt left out. Jokes in Japanese where thrown around and everyone burst out laughing, I was there just smiling and sipping my drink and ate my food. Throughout the dinner, whenever they were speaking in Japanese, I tuned out and just enjoy my food.

Though my Japanese friends could speak very good English, this still do not stop the fact that they prefer to converse in Japanese. It's weird to hear them speak in English to each other anyways. I can say the same for myself, even if I speak to non-Malaysian English speaker, it's still not the same if I were to speak to a Malaysian English speaker, I'll just instantly feel closer to the person! Same goes to Singaporean and all Singaporeans are considered neighbour to me!

Then this incident brought me back to thinking during university days where most of my classmates were foreigners, did I make them feel left out when we were hanging out with more Malaysians than foreigners? Truly isn't a nice feeling so I'll be sure not to do the same to others in future.

So, pros and cons of going out. Do I feel happier hanging out with more friends and then feel left out during dinner and spend so much for dinner versus staying home and watch my favourite dramas and not spend any money?

I feel like I have to hang out just to show others that I'm not a loner. But at the end of the day, who am I really impressing? 

I got stood up twice by my friends as when I suggested to go out, they said yes but when it's time for the outing, nobody turned up. My effort to hang out more just seems not worth it? More so for new friends as I've friends that I've known for years and are working in Niseko and I've no problems scheduling meet ups with them and they will not bail on me.

Well, so far my new year's resolution seems to be going well, I've enjoyed most of the meet ups and the trick to not feel left out when I'm the only non-Japanese speaker is to invite more non-Japanese speaker! Not a ground breaking solution but it seems like the best solution for me.

February will be even more exciting than January and I'm so looking forward to go back to Malaysia for CNY!

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