Friday, 12 December 2014

Living in Niseko during November

November was a pretty hectic month for me, I had to schedule my off days for Seoul & Tokyo trip thus I worked for like 9 days straight and then 1 day break and then 10 days of work. It was exhausting but it was so worth it in the end!

Nothing interesting happened in life outside work, anticipating for snow was the only exciting thing.

Interesting cute red bush sighted.

This is also the month where I will no longer live alone. I'm sad that I'm losing my privacy and freedom but I'm excited to meet my new roommates and have more friends to hang out with!

Gone were the days when I can leave all my dirty dishes and mess lying around.... 

What a cute glass milk jar! 

Healthiest noodles I've ever cooked! (I had no other ingredients)

Bought mushrooms for 100yen! Madness!
Stir fried with soy sauce and that's it.

Friend brought snacks all the way from Malaysia! Miss this so much!
I miss any Malaysian food to be honest!

Friend invited me over and had a cook off session, menu of the day - Okonomiyaki.
We can't help but kept going 'Mmmm, so good' in between each bite.

Fried 'baked' chocolate cake in the rice cooker.

Awesome home cooked meal with friends and ended our night with laughter as always! 

I'm looking forward to the best winter yet.

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